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I left (2/?)

Updated on March 5, 2016

The first thing I see is what I would assume to be the living room. It’s full of broken bricks, cement and dust. The windows’ frame are green and it’s clear enough to see through. The room has wonderful sunlight. On the left there is a corridor, two rooms at the end of it. I didn’t see what was on the rooms that were on the way , I still feel quite nervous although I believe that, for now, there is no reason to stress. I enter the last room, sit on the corner, where no one can see me through the windows.

I wake up and decide to leave. I shouldn’t be too long in the same place. I don’t know if I’ll come back but this is a nice place to sleep without raising much suspicion. I feel something is wrong outside. Everyone is wearing old clothes. Medieval looking, western. The women have their hair covered like they were nuns, long dresses with cleavage but with shirts underneath. All very conservative. The rest of the landscape looks changed from what I remember. I don’t see the rail track from yesterday, the streets are the same but some buildings seem like they have changed. The columns are made out of white rock, the balconies are made of the same material and the wall is painted with a very light blue.

I don’t feel scared or anxious. For some reason I don’t feel like I have to run but I have to keep in mind this is false comfort. I’m exploring the city. Despite the medieval looking clothes I see a few cars. Grey. Xsara Picasso to be precise. I see a market, people trying to negotiate prices, an argument. Still, so peaceful. I close my eyes. Fill my lungs with that lifeful air. I feel free. I have no idea where I am. I have someone chasing me. I have nowhere to go. All I can do is wait it out. It doesn’t matter. I’m just exploring. Enjoying how liberating is to be out on the street and have nowhere to go. Walking, down the street, without a care in the world. There’s a butcher, health inspection would close that in no time, a tailor. The stores aren’t what I usually know. There isn’t a door where I just go in and see what’s there to buy. The options are limitless and there is just a balcony where I go and ask for whatever I want. Like the smallest bank in the world.

So many people on the street, and yet, not crowded to a point that is uncomfortable. I steal a small bag of cookies and go back to the house. There is a dog. It’s nice to have company in this empty flat.

I start cleaning the living room. If I’m going to spend some considerable time here might as well be nicer. It’s a nice little space. I go explore the rest of the place. Two bathrooms. One of them has a huge bathtub. This is better than my house.

I pet the wanderer dog. How could he even get here? As far as i know the only entrance is through the weird elevator and I closed it on my way out. I should get him something to eat but I barely have for myself. I get out. It’s night. Looks like it’s a special night. The streets are full of vendors and all kinds of food. Most of it I have never seen before. Everyone is so happy. The energy is contagious. Chandeliers light up the streets everywhere. I don’t know what is being celebrated but it doesn’t matter. It’s so fun to look at. There is a square straight ahead. The professional dancers are doing this beautiful routine. Their clothes are full of bright yellows, oranges and strong reds. The metallic beads make a noise that add to the music a fun element. Everyone seems they are enjoying themselves. I noticed that since I stumbled upon this town I haven’t been thinking much about who I am running from. Do I have that much time ahead of him to be here, enjoying the party careless? I think as long as I keep my head down I don’t have much to worry. The probability that he would find me in the house I’m staying in is very low. The truth is that I am not thinking about my next steps. For better or for worse I am being careless.

I get home and give a bit of food I managed to get from the market to the dog. I should get a name for him.


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