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I like to run at night

Updated on September 27, 2016


I like to run at night. It is the only time I can be free of sight and free of judgment. My whole life has been a serious of thoughts regarding the toxins society has forced down my throat. As I grow older I feel bare of my own thoughts. I was once a rain forest. Rich with the nutrients of creativity. My rivers carrying splendid words from my soul to my mouth. Now I am merely an oasis, struggling to live in a world dry of compassion and understanding. My rivers that once raged so vigorously have been dammed by the wrath society had when it burned my forest.

It started in school, the questions. Each day until I finally began to drown in them. Appearance or school intelligence are everything, at least that is what we are meant to think by those who think of themselves as more superior. They flaunt themselves financially and physically, kings and queens of memorization but ironically can’t memorize how to be kind or hinder compassion. Why are they the ones that who are favored by administration and society? Why are they the ones who thrive while those who seek the kind of knowledge that will subside the craving their soul demands are forgotten? Their lonely minds only to be accompanied by their curiosity; everybody else can’t recognize a blooming flower even if they were the ones who watered it each day. One can’t welcome a celestial mind if they are not familiar with their own.

We are forced to go to school until the age of 16, taught information that will soon be forgotten. Teachers are just a bump in the road until one comes along and makes an impact. This impact will change your life completely. It will allow you to share your opinion, have your voice heard with no consequence of judgement or argument. This is rare to find in today’s society; like finding a dry patch of pavement in the middle of a rainstorm. Administration and authority are meant to guide you and create an environment you feel safe in. All I see is adults ignorantly brainwashing the youth, creating a profound blindness to their imprisonment. The worst part of it is they do not even realize the emotional destruction they cause, for they are just preaching the lessons they were once taught. Police officers; theoretically believed to create a sense of protection. However, they are more seen as people to fear; people to run from when you make a mistake. If we lived in a world where there were not so many laws and rules, would adolescents find breaking them so amusing? If we lived in a world where people listened, rather than waiting for their turn to talk, would we find peace?

I shared these thoughts one time prior to this, to one of the only people I found would truly listen. He understood my points, allowed them to seep into his own mind instead of just his ears; allowed little saplings to sprout where my trees once burned. I stood before him, blabbing about the world as usual, and how I don’t know how it could ever change. How I still keep my hope despite my doubts. He says nothing, just looks at me and smiles the slightest of smiles.


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