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I Lost My Mother-a Sad Poem

Updated on May 3, 2022
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I have been writing stories since my children were little. I included them in the stories and they learned to read and love it.

The Angels watch over those who have passed.
The Angels watch over those who have passed. | Source

I Miss Her

I wrote this poem to help me feel easier about my mother's death. She suffered for a long time, and sometimes it was hard for us to understand her suffering. Sometimes it was hard for us to see her side. Sometimes it was just hard. I know she is finally at peace, It was hard on us; but, we accept what we must to carry on with our lives. Eventually, everyone loses someone, and time does not erase the pain. It may, however, make the pain become easier to bear. The hurt, the tears, the anger. Yes, anger. We've all done it at one point because it is one of the normal steps to healing.

  • How could she do that to me?
  • Why did she leave like that?
  • How will I cope?
  • How will I survive without her?
  • She didn't even say goodbye!

Sound familiar? You have nothing to be ashamed of, we all do it.

Every One Cries Even If They Don't Show It

Maybe this jeep isn't really crying, but it does look like it is.
Maybe this jeep isn't really crying, but it does look like it is. | Source

Emotions From The Heart

Sometimes poems and stories don't come from circumstances, in fact, most times they come from the heart. Each word, each line, every moment has its place in the heart of the writer. It may not be real to others, but it is still real to you, the writer.

Writing can be happy, sad, or somewhere in between. Stories and poems can rile you up or pull you down. No matter how they make you feel, writing can be a great way to release your feelings and help with coping. I often feel that by writing I have put some of my own personality on paper. It is therapeutic you might say. Or perhaps silly, I don't know. I just know that by writing I can escape the dark tunnel of sadness and return to the light.

Hoping They Are At Peace


Maggie's Final Trip

A Poem From The Heart

I looked into the eyes of fear today. I saw the fright as plain as day.

The world was ending for her soon. She felt the coming of her own doom.

I did my best to comfort and soothe. I tried to tell her it would end soon.

I hoped in my heart her pain would ease. I held her hand and spoke of peace.

Soon, I knew she would leave my side. Soon, I knew she’d be on her next long ride.

I didn’t want to say goodbye. I didn’t want to break the tie.

But there the fates had taken over. She soon would rest beneath the clover.

I tried to hold back my saddened tears. I tried to hide my own true fears.

Then she smiled up at me, “It’s wonderful, can’t you see?”

She no longer saw my face. She was in another place.

The monitors buzzed and beeped their warning. But it was too late, and I was in mourning.

From The Heart That Mourns

When it is real, It comes from the heart.
When it is real, It comes from the heart. | Source

Writing Can Help

If you want to try, remember you don't have to write a poem or story. Just write how you feel. It is for you to help ease the pain. Journals, notebooks, or pads can be used. Tell the reader (usually you) how the situation caused you pain. Tell the reader why you are crying. Tell the reader how much you care. Feel no shame if it isn't 'good' or 'neat' in your opinion. And don't worry about the spelling, perfect grammar is not the reason you are writing. If you choose to write, I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me.


Ways To Cope

Sadness and sorrow affect everyone differently. Maybe one will work for you.

  • Writing.
  • Reading.
  • Go for a walk (or many).
  • Take time with family and friends.
  • Go for a jog.
  • Play a game of cards with someone.
  • Play a board game.
  • Cry.
  • Hug someone you love.
  • Paint.
  • Craft.
  • Your animals
  • Do something strenuous to work off steam as they say.
  • Remember, time will make it easier to cope.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2012 Cheryl Simonds


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