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I love You My Dear

Updated on February 1, 2012

To My Love

When I look upon you, my love, I am reminded of why I take each breath. As I glimpse inward my soul is overwhelmed with joy, this because of your matchless beauty and grace. I would defend your honor in battle. I would go to any length to secure your happiness, my love, for when I look upon you I am reminded of a pure white dove.

Your soul is that of innocence, for there is not one stain. Our love is eternal. Our happiness is secure, what more is there to gain? With you I can accomplish anything. From the rooftops I shall shout with my loudest voice, “I love you, I love you my dear.” From the mountain tops, this I will proclaim.

You remind me of the calm blue ocean on a cloudless day. The essence of beauty as the sun shoots its warm, intoxicating rays. I am your protector, your Prince, your lover. I will defend your honor for the rest of my days.

Every step you make, every breath you take, I will always be there for you. My dear, you complete me. I would not have it any other way. For it is you my love, you are the reason I am here to stay. Be not worried and unburden your soul, for it is I that honor you and together we are whole.

Go now, be about your day. We shall be with each other in mind and spirit. I can hardly wait to see you this evening, when we unite. I will take you into my arms, kiss you and hold you tight. I will whisper in your ear three magical words, I love you.


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    • Michele Travis profile image

      Michele Travis 5 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio

      What a beautiful peom. I would love it if my husband said that to me. But, he is still wonderful. He gives me roses from time to time to surprize me. Your hub reminded me of the good things he does. Thank you! Thumbs up!

    • JamesPoppell profile image

      JamesPoppell 5 years ago

      Thank you Michele for your kind words. This was my first attempt at poetry. Thanks again and have a great day.

    • ElizaDoole profile image

      Lisa McKnight 5 years ago from London

      James this is gorgeous, what a beautiful bit of creative writing.

    • JamesPoppell profile image

      JamesPoppell 5 years ago

      Thank you ElizaDoole. My first crack at poetry. I appreciate your reading and commenting.

    • Ardie profile image

      Sondra 5 years ago from Neverland

      This is a sweet sweet poem and for your first attempt you sent it sailing outta the ballpark! I hope you and your significant other have a wonderful Valentine's Day :)

    • JamesPoppell profile image

      JamesPoppell 5 years ago

      Thanks again Ardie. May you have a wonderful V day also.

    • mary615 profile image

      Mary Hyatt 5 years ago from Florida

      Some lady is lucky to have you in her life. This is a beautiful poem. So glad I found it.

    • JamesPoppell profile image

      JamesPoppell 5 years ago

      Hi mary615. I appreciate the comment and the compliment. I consider myself the lucky one. Thanks for stopping by.

    • profile image

      opinky 4 years ago

      My dear Angela and Sunny, my dear love one’s and my Dearest I know that it has been very difficult for you and me, because I do understand the pains of Life and Spiritual Love and Sacrifice. And I also am in a ‘Great Pain,’ mentally, and physically, and soul wise too, and I am very lonely in this Great Soul Battle of Good over evil, and my task is very difficult as God well knows and yet I will ‘Succeed by Gods Spiritual Strengths and Justice’ flowing through me and you.

    • JamesPoppell profile image

      JamesPoppell 4 years ago

      opinky - Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Olivia Pellerito profile image

      Olivia Pellerito 2 years ago

      I love this!!! Your words are beautiful and flow perfectly. This is truly inspirational.

    • JamesPoppell profile image

      JamesPoppell 2 years ago

      Hi Olivia, thank you so much for your comment. Have a great weekend!

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