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I posted 233 times at Bubblews, yet only 100 are displayed when I click on Posts.

Updated on September 6, 2014

Little Troubles at Big Bubbles

Boy blowing soap bubbles
Boy blowing soap bubbles | Source

If you post articles to a content farm where do they go after they age?

In the begining

I found out like so many did.Later on after posting over 200 articles. I went to my Bubblews site to check out one of my older articles. I only recently began to save them on my computer at the same time I posted them so that way I had essential proof of their existence.

I had no idea that out of the 233 posts I was given credit for writing that only 100 were visible when I took a look at my posts. I could cry. I could give up. But I won't do either. It is an intelligent thing for any author to save copies of every one of their articles on their computers because nobody can be sure when a so called content farm will tank and leave them out high and dry.

When writers of Yahoo! Contributor Network were informed in July of 2014 of the closing of Yahoo! Voices and Yahoo! Contributor Network, a message was sent to all of the writers at their site. The rights to all articles would be returned to the authors with few exceptions.

Many found out late and spent days trying to download their material. I only had 28 articles, yet they were all intact. There was no problem for me to get back what I had given and I still kept the money I earned in the one and a half moths I posted at Yahoo! Voices.

But Yahoo! Contributor Network did not have to do anything. They already paid the writers and thus had no obligation to give us back our articles.

Later on

I went to Bubblews. I was glad to have another chance at going on line with my fresh new content to prove my ability as a writer. I have written all of my life. I just didn't realize the potential to earn bucks for doing it.

But when the numbers don't add up and there doesn't seem to be an explanation for it I get hot under the collar. I plan on doing a follow up with Bubblews' customer service to learn of where my other 133 articles went before making the big decision about my writing future.

The Bottom Line

Big bubbles, little troubles.


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