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I say Judge a Book by it's Cover!

Updated on September 15, 2015

Who said Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover?

Whoever coined the term ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ was lying and only said it because he knew people do it and judge design. Every writer wants his writing to be read and will do everything in his capacity to make sure his book is appealing, and appeal includes the title, artwork and layout. A writer knows that the title, artwork and design are all important and serious thought is given to these aspects before a writer publishes therefore it is only natural that a reader judges all aspects.

How to Judge a Book by it's Cover

When researching non-fiction, start with the smallest book you can find. Ninety-six pages (approx.) and judge the lines and texts making sure they are well-sized and well-spaced. A small book is something you can finish in the space of 2-3 evenings (approx.). Make sure it is easy to read and pleasing to the eye and judge the title, artwork and layout.

What does Good Design Look Like?

A good example of presentation and short read is a standard Arabic Quran (not a translated version). A standard Arabic Quran is full of artistic calligraphy and concise sentences which can be read over a short period of time. Ultimate meticulous care was taken by the author and is apparent in the design. Muslims believe the author was divine, non-Muslims believe the author was man; however all will agree it to be the greatest Arabic chronicle of all time.

How to Find Book's that Appeals to You

What to research is up to you; go to the library and wonder around whilst mentally being present in the room. Don’t allow your mind to drift, and if you are able to mentally remain in the room you should feel a natural inclination towards a certain genre or a particular section of the library that you are almost spiritually drawn to. Maybe sub-consciously you are intrigued by something but have never been able to quite pinpoint your interests. Maybe its psychology, philosophy, religion or politics; who knows? But wonder into a library one afternoon.

Read with the name of your Lord who created (every thing),

— Quran 96:1

When to Grab a Thick Book?

Thick books are generally reference books, and is one you pick up when you need to cite references. If a subject matter really interests you then grab a thick book but don’t start a research topic with a thick book. A thick book with cluttered text and lines is off-putting.

Advice to Authors

If you are a writer and have much to say, then, consider writing numerous books breaking your ideas into small manageable segments.

My Latest Book Cover

Please Judge My Latest Book Cover

Do You Like The Cover of my Book?

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