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I was there in a college

Updated on May 17, 2012

Address to guys struggling in campuses

I remember my college times with a sigh where I ended up at the receiving end, the culture, curriculum, language and the sense of feeling that I do not belong to the place. It will always happen to some people.

The few lines written below is an attempt to help them out there, struggling, tormented and unhappy!

Hi, you out there! in the halls, mess and quads

I also stopped there for a while

Long time back

In my youthful journey in the past

The place troubled

Whosoever lost their anchor

The key to battle

Perceived by a small mind, simple

Outside factors and distractions, the culprits

It intimidates or rattles guys

poor in skills of life

Differentiations and boundaries abound

Or the curriculum in a mode alien to you

Fear of unknown gets bigger, grows

Academics, by far the backbone of the existence

First win the daily war of attrition

“Play ball by ball”, as told by a cricketer coach

“Don’t come to the pitch with a plan to hit a ton“

Treat every day a new one, new opportunity

Let the bygones be consigned to ashes

Consider hours, days and weeks

As the units of big game

Never get bogged down or overawed

With so called luminaries and stars

No control on your birth, schooling or destiny

If you come from a small place, take pride

The smaller the place, the bigger your journey

You deserve a respect for overcoming odds

Not faced, seen and imagined by the stars

Be with your self for some time daily

Never seek peace in the refuge of company

It is more of escape

Than a solution, indeed a short term measure

The more you avoid the bigger it gets

First and foremost take on the battle of studies

You will surely find your bearings

In a while, in times to come

If you get low CPI or F

The world has not crashed

See around, everything is normal,

Except your inside, turbulence and boil

It is a marathon

Will go on for years till one dies

At the end of the war no winner and looser

Most important how you faced the battle

Whether you kept your smiles

Spirits intact, constant enthusiasm

Opportunities are bound to arrive

Seen guys with F, kept fighting doggedly

Held their nerve in the battle

Kept on trying, made efforts

The guilt feelings never multiplied

Ultimately the success was not far behind

Only thing “do not allow spirit’s disintegration”

Let the alphabets not destroy your life

Damn the people looking down on you and the likes

You here in your right, nobody’s favor

It is the money of millions of Tax payers

Running this show for days, months and years

Let the past not burden you, look to future

Cover yourself with an invisible Armour

Strive for peace, analyze the reasons of discomfort

Take it like a course problems you solve

Go to theories, definitions and see the basics

Key is regular dialogue, reflection

Get a sounding board, if you can

Have seen many cases, though not frequently

Guys with multiple Fs rebounding in life

In their surge outshine the top guys

By keeping their cool, saving their spirits

Night ending, getting energy from morning sun

Understand the meaning of the words

“We manage success, grades or positions

But rarely manage failures and surrender”

“Manage you failures and success cannot be far behind”



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