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I think I made a mistake about you

Updated on May 8, 2017

Your happiness is gone because of me. I was that happiness but I hardly got

happiness myself. I focused more on the hate and hurt I had than on the love

you gave me. We would be good for a while then I would start pulling myself

away from you.

I cannot seem to shake the past and when I do try, there's always someone to remind me of that hurt. I am difficult to love but you seem to do it right. Frankly the future do not see us in my head but who says it's impossible.

Independence was always a part of me that I was handicap in the area of letting you in my life. As you said I lived and do for me and not for us.

But the number one problem you had with me was my way of keeping our relationship private. Why I did that I cannot recall, maybe I felt that I do not want people minding our business since a lot of them disapproved of our relationship. Then I made the mistake to listen to them and lost you.

You were so good to me in every way even when we had clashes of differences. I still love you and I know I hurt you badly. But I do know if told you I want you back, you will say "We had our chances together but It did not work".

I regret all I did but I think I must find my happiness so that I would be ready to love someone else.

But the regret I have now is that I made a mistake about you.

But Love never fails.


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