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I want a tape recorder in my brain

Updated on January 8, 2011

The only sure way to win an argument


They say your brain is like a huge computer in your head. If that is the case, I wish I could add one more application. I’d like to have a tape recorder that I could use to replay arguments - especially with my wife.

She as a very soft voice, and I admit my hearing isn’t as good as it once was. And I know my memory isn’t so good anymore either. (For example, I’ll go upstairs for something, then forget what it was - a condition, I’m told by my aging friends, many of them share).

But here’s the thing: There are times when I am certain, or at least pretty sure, about what she said, or even what I said. When she swears it wasn’t the way I remember, if I had this tape recorder thing, I could play back the conversation to proof I was right.

It could be by subject. For example, she’ll claim she told me she had to go see her sister on a certain date, and I’ll not recall her telling me the date. So, if I could punch up “sister” and have a recording of what was said, I could play it for her and prove I was right, and win the argument.

Of course, if my brain computer shows she was right, I’d have to apologize and blame it on my hearing or my memory, or maybe both. But that’s a chance I’m willing to take.

With the exponential gains in computer technology, who knows, maybe one day my idea will become a reality.

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    • belliott profile image

      belliott 7 years ago

      I think what you are describing is not an uncommon problem especially for those of us that have been married for a long time. If you ever find one of those recorders let me know. I could put one to good use many time to prove by case with my husband. :)