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I want writing

Updated on July 31, 2016

I want writing

"Dear friends, life sometimes makes us self-stumbled into the down time is cheap, but you really lucid and full of reason to find the right direction for my life and remember, Family family and friends is always the spirit, the power to help us live the wind sweeping away all! "
Crickets seeping in the poor country, sucking pig, at night this sort really make people comfortable. How many times have I wished this order, to hear again the familiar sound country, but that is when in the City! At face the same life span filthy, hustle, I actually remember their homeland, a place of peace in mind as the salvation necessary, and such, need to have something to remember.

Bus trip down South to West departs at six o'clock in the morning, the hour that Ho Chi Minh City is becoming his wake. The dim haze hidden behind the trees, but in my opinion, their name is not in his dictionary.
Garages this seems thriving business, known only heard the name alone, "Long List". I got into the car, sitting next to a young man short shorts, striped shirt, with longer face prelude snoring is something on your phone.

Most people in my hometown that taking this trip. The food festival in the country, that I met one or two acquaintances. But this year I home late compared to the year, in part to avoid distant relatives near the village, quiet part wanted to see the car bon bon scenery along the way, through the rice fields, the hundreds of miles elected side of the road old pair surviving the construction phase.

My hometown in Vinh Long, a land rich in fruits, as well as the vast river, but that was long time ago, in which I was a kid so much. Or trotted out every time to harvest contracts, trade winds made into quilts hair made me feel comfortable going. The kids we call each other names or à á just to laugh, huddled run over, running back, every time there is a break opportunity. Because we also have to carry rice threshers, then stood there to help mother "braking bag", waiting for an errand.

The harvest is complete, we pulled together our small basket grab, grab brass, the field find crabs, snails, Mediterranean cooperation. Each time another summer like the grilled fish straw burning. Merit notorious fishy nine alluvial mud mixed with soil, causing fresh meat until you anywhere. But there was no gloating with grilled shrimp, shrimp floss to pass down the coconut stems, then put on the fire burning straw are hung Hut, wait a little unpleasant smells compliment then removed, then turn around and coconut stems, the cloves fall color edible, fragrant until the stomach.

While sipping, we sat on our small farm together after listening to family stories, talk about exercise and play. Ask about everything about the game watching football season, kite flying less.

Moments later, each child an angle, eyes on the monitor in a separate sky, a separate thoughts. La momentum clouds, the wind blew the branches swaying hundred votes, and then through coconut trees surrounding la cause rustling leaves, settle onto us piled straw beach that looked into the air.

Suddenly there is the child suddenly said.

- Someday I want to do auto mechanic, I want to fix my car for three rice pull away. Every car damaged busy, I have to take on the role of three bags of rice each weighing, while the three-gasp see, I know very sore shoulder Three, but have strained to get money for my brothers to school. Tao injured three! - The guy I heard muffled voices.

- I want to become a doctor. - The Tram suddenly said.

- I made the doctor to cure the cheek, every attack cheek busy, her face grimacing, but tried to hide, she rushed out of three to three and my shelf do not see. I know the pain cheeks peeked should hide behind the door, heard the mother muttered. "He gosh! Try to to live a few more years raising children, have been killed as well! Suffering my beings".

- And me! Khanh said loud guy. But then not hear it say anything more. It majesty standing arms crossed, his eyes looked stab stab toward the Chin Min, the most affluent areas.

- You do? - The Tram asked.

- I'm going to make real money, I do not want the poor, nor dream of anything! I just want to make money when people from my Mum and Dad enjoy. The rich-poor often easy, later I rich, I will not be the easy one, I want to help the poor, such as three, as my Mum, when the disease they have borrowed, imploring others, but in return just look indifferent, cold. - What I saw an energetic in its dark eyes, it makes me believe it could be done.

- And you. Duy!

The eyes are flocking towards me, curious. I hummed, watching clouds loitering overhead, flying clouds really freedom and peace, as no chemical urologist into raging tempest.

Yet quietly spreading winds hair, I shook my head ... I do not know yet ...!

In subsequent years the kids we're growing, so it is less common than the other. We're plunged into learning, learning to forget the date.

In one go away, my mother found out she had breast cancer, the disease took away women's pride and squeeze money, her health. My father started indulgent and often mixing with you "to".

Mouth or say he is to have money for your mother, but carried his healer increasingly severe addiction. Land sold my house slowly garbled, selling a narrow trail to date, partly due to the indulgence of his mother's illness and very expensive.

The life does not seem to favor to anyone, including the poor. My father really pouring down, he started to go back to the woman at the old Shanshan he knew, he reportedly taken back before he had ever "general promiscuity" with a woman and have children now adults. Some time later in response to rumors, he "brushed ass" go leave my mother in lxup saggy leaf roof, ruined.

I almost collapsed at the foot of the bed, she just cried and blamed husbands treachery, could not do anything in addition. Intention kindled my left school each day, then that's a coming! Burning books and all the memories buried under the ashes, human vivacious, happy day my progress concerns, quieter. I started the first day of liquid bureaucratic life, children gathered with prices ranging from break even to steal the Hell's term. I started the night of wild game, the age of fourteen shallow thinking that I immersed into the virtual world with the game without much charisma or neighbors say anything back. - "The boy without a father, without knowing the relative poverty"

Every time you hear someone talking about me, that the mother cry, but the tears did not stop her addiction in my game. My mother helpless recommend teeth in any form, whether it is insulted, or gentle. Then my mother silenced - at home, lying there on the bed creaking but sigh, crying and sleepless, suffering and resentment!

Meal hunger and meal, but I still have no way of finding money for themselves, by many petty theft tactics game - and just have to stop when it was tied up. They know my family very miserable impoverishment should forgive and disdainful - talk.

My mother wanted to die for a great choking Yuchi finished, every father to son, but was clinging to her mother's love when I knelt at the foot of the bed for forgiveness. Cai spectacle mother and daughter hugged each other and cried miserable shanty house at evening - actually, I do not know how to properly describe

By that I started to go to work. After a period of ill health, then gradually my mother, it's amazing and very bare one. I took the first salary on key for her, my mother put her bony Hands, shaking, hugging me in your heart that you choked. In the ruined house crumbled leaves covered by a colored cap bottles, I welcome the first spring in joy.

- By My Thuan then.

The voice of the guy on the phone next to the ear youth pulled me back to the present. ASIAN! It turned out that I did not ever think the car has come to realize My Thuan then. My eyes to see around.

Far off the banks are undergoing colonization of coconut water from the river on the boat looked sluggish tandem ship as the small cockroaches. Motorcycle riders parked along the sides of the bridge rest, they infuse the scene, taking pictures and eating very aesthetic.

Suddenly I wondered if other people like me no one has ever ???

A segment is coming home again, I nervously in a chair hangover notion, not vomit on the homeland, or that the mother met me. That sympathy, interspersed delighted to see innovation homeland. These fibers rubbing leaves the house every day one of construction was spacious, no muddy roads instead of asphalt is, traffic comfortably without fear of rain busy, my country has reached his new countryside, a new face. My sympathy is due to see the ace-poster hanging plate the slogan "anti-drug shirts and other evils," did not know then that it would kill the smoke as many young people astray here. Suddenly I'm happy for me, because I now have no longer a boy, "her soul" which still or call neighbors. I began to look to the age of sixteen books. As a child go to school but not good at writing but I love to read and enjoy writing "crap" too. The Writing Test scores always pretty, with one teacher and said marking.

- I'd give this ten point is to motivate students to strive to develop future ones, you know.

But I really betray her and friends. Friends, those years when I try and avoid the all nestled in your home to avoid facing months, the Tram, Khanh guy. I really do not see us face it because of my earlier story, student dropout and disabilities. But these things have passed away a long time, and nearly ten years now, but every time I think back I was embarrassed and did not dare look at anyone. Every year, I forced myself ru ru in the reading, writing in a journal to re-pack the fifth working day prior to my mother.

Never told you, my mother is sewing health diseases in the City, but she still has to reach the six month follow-up for monitoring.

The region of sun and wind twisted me with an emotion too in exhilaration, I walked off feeling stabbed hot sunshine took flesh, the warm breeze greeted dust entail far domain guys back home with a dust too early launch phase. Belly still restless, I caught the bus back home, my house gate leaves open canvas. Blue painted door unkempt houses made timid and not least, it's worth a couple.

My mother was sure about, she still attempted or open the door while I prefer to close dormant in the home. I correct the backpack over his shoulder into the house. It slammed into the eyes first thing is three of the same age I was sitting inside War laughed long table painted wood termites integrity that floods have torn holes, put your hands up. Hear the first three legs turned to look, and then all was silent. In a minute, I like to stand on the spot death.

- Brooch! Independence! The provincial!. Three childhood best friends stood up and walked toward me. Khanh arrogant guy up excited.

- A. Duy! You're ... you're back !!! Like the other meetings, we hugged each other, celebrate age-old celebration. But not after decades of encounter as a human life, but we, the children grew up in West River retains a friendship with each other as early childhood, when life has made many waves buffeted.

I now, right now understand the greatness of friendship that can not happen overnight understand, urologist did not get the real friends. I no longer feel the wear wedding wear, that in me only the happiness, the childhood memories flooding back someday ... accompanied by a pitcher you have to the sacred four of us together.

Standing in front of the place today that we you have expressed your dreams. Looking pale clouds, the wind spread ripples of the water, the wind in my face made by a climate full of joy, hope seemed to have been so grim life extinguished, I said, while three kids looked at me and smiled.

- I want writing !!!!

"Dear friends, life sometimes makes us self-stumbled into the down time is cheap, but you really lucid and full of reason to find the right direction for my life and remember, Family family and friends is always the spirit, the power to help us live the wind sweeping away all! "


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