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I want you to Feel Violated

Updated on January 14, 2010

 In the beginning

In my past life I was a tree

A tree that was turned into paper

Whose pages was sent to a school

Where it was given to a beautiful young girl

A girl, who had been raped, and abandoned, and left for dead

The girl was given a pencil

The pencil became a knife

The pencil began to defend her and love her and comfort her

She stabbed the page with the pencil until all her pain became Her art

The words became her voice

And her voice became her alter-ego

And that ego became a vixen

And that vixen became a predator

A verbal vixen that raped all that heard her voice

Her words began to grab

Her words began to strip people down to mental nakedness

Her words would grab you by the back of your neck

And thrust itself into your soul

Her words would fill your belly

and grow like a baby

Her words would make you sick and happy

Her words would become pain as you deliver them to someone else

And her words would become life to someone else in pain

And she would force her words on all she met

Until her words spawned a new generation of lovers of words.


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