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Grand Nubian (Rap Style Poem)

Updated on July 18, 2016

She was,

Nubile, Numinous, Nurturant, Nut Brown

Upbeat, Upright, girl from the Uptown,

Brandishing brains the brought beliefs that were unbound,

Infecting your thoughts with incurable visions of love .... child,

Analytical, ambitious, her attractiveness had me animated,

Naturally noble qualities arresting my soul had me captivated

If I ever have a chance to win your love and you contemplate it

I’ll give you a 1,000 reasons to ponder over this love statement

Have you ever saw a person who you thought was "grand" and out of your league, and hope they would notice you?

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This poem is about a beautiful Nubian woman that becomes the desire of a man. He describes her qualities in a rap style poem and hopes that this grand woman will contemplate spending time with him

© 2016 James


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    • Johnny James A profile image

      James 17 months ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      Thank you very much Surabhi. This was my first attempt at an acrostic style poem, which was a lot of fun to try out.

    • profile image

      Surabhi Kaura 17 months ago

      I like this acrostic poem. Good job!