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I Will See You at the Other Side of the River (of Coronavirus)

Updated on May 9, 2020

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


Like a river that

Has small source so

Begins coronavirus some months back

And while men linger

On how to address

The nascent infection

Primarily because the presenting

Symptoms and the elicited signs

Were somehow strange

From others, they were

Not in consonance with

All the infections presentations

And documentations of the

Infections and diseases known

For ages.

The abinitio small source

Started expanding as it

Moves ahead to other

Places as rivers that

Continue to flow to

Other parts of the

Island and in fact to

Some other countries and

Continents so was this

Infection. Soon, it would

Become big at the

Front for it has carved space

For itself. Covid-19

Having carved space for

Herself gets big and becomes

A name among the

Deadly viruses that people

Have christened in the world

It has cornered humanity

To a section, limiting

Their advancements in most

If not all of

The facets of their endeavors

For men to make

Appreciable progress and development

Which they have been

Known for and which

Have stand them out

Among all the living

Things of the world


Then they need to

Cross the river of

This virus to the

The other side. It is when

We cross this river

To the other side

That we would be

Able to make progress

Like people who go

To war, it is

Those who successfully cross

To other side that

Would be crowned, they

Are those who shall

Be congratulated while those

Who died at the

War front would only

Be remembered but would

Not be congratulated, neither

Their families. Some people

Have bell the cart

And they have entered

The river for myriad

Reasons. Reasons for which

Person A enters differs

From the reason person

B enters the river of covid-19

Albeit they all entered

To carve for humanity

A lasting bridge which

Others behind would be

Able to take without

Hiccups neither issues.

Sadly, the river has

Drown many of those

Who have entered it

While those who are

Yet to be drowned do

Not know of certainty

What would become their

End sooner or later

Indeed, all of us are terrified

Some of those people

Who have been drowned

By this river were

Our loved ones, and

Some who we do not

Know at all but who


Have tried their best

To construct the bridge

Across the river

Which all humanity would

Be taken, they have

Done their best to

See that humanity are

Liberated from this worrying

Infection. We have been

Devastated by their demise

And we are sure

That their deaths would

Not be in vain for

We shall be a success

In putting up

The durable structures which

All can be passing

Through as time goes by

As you and I continue

To join hands with

Others all over the

Globe to ensure that

The lasting and formidable

Structures be put across

This coronavirus river which

Has separated us from

The land of our advancements and progress

I want to say that

Our lives shall be dear

To the Lord and he

Shall protect each and

Every one of us thence

Our lives shall not be lost

During this process of

Struggling for definition, for

Another name, another chapter

In the history of humanity.

Therefore, I wish to say

That by the time we

Scale through this hurdle

You will be alive

And I shall see thee at the other edge

Of the river, where

We shall again rejoice

For seeing the end

Of this and be

Able to move the

World forward again as we ‘ve been doing.



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