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Updated on September 6, 2009


malarmicai eginan manadi cerndar

nilamicai nidu valvar

 who’ve merged withhis flower-touched feet so great

Shall live for long in the earthly state

Core idea: God is  often represented as associated with tender flowers.  Be it the Buddha or Brahma, flowers go with the imagery of deities.  In traditional modes of worship, one offers flowers to the feet of god.  Merging with those flower-bedecked feet is symbolic of  communion with the divine.  This will not only bring spritual peace to the aspirant, but ensure longevity, says this kural.


Literal Meanings


malar – flower

micai – upon (also, eminence)

eginan – one who passed

man – great, glorious

adi – foot

cerndar – those who are united with

nilam – land, gound, earth

micai – upon (also, eminence)

nitu – for long

valvar – will live


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