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I Am

Updated on July 25, 2016

I am the future of black men,

I wonder why the world say I can't,

When I know I can,

I see no easy roads,

I will take a stand,

for the whole race even though,

I am the future of black men.

I pretend to be serious,

But I feel life is a game,

I flood my head with knowledge,

To expand my brain,

Nothing worries me,

I place it in God’s hands,

My cries don't last because,

I am the the future of black men.

Blacks and whites barely co-exist,

I say it time and time again,

I dream I am a hero,

And know I won't always win,

I pray world peace over the land,

And I will make it happen,

As I am the future of black men.


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