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I Am

Updated on August 15, 2017

I am ash, I am passion, I am wrath
I am one, I am the sun, I am the smoking gun
I am the thunder that rolls, I am the bell that tolls
I love, I kill, I am the glass that spills
I am life, I am spite, I am the pillar by night
I am revolution, I am destruction
I am a lover, I am the scorched pages turning over
I am the The End, I am your closest friend
I am death, I am life, I am the rising tide
I am the manger, I am a stranger
I am the anchor, I am the door, I am love reborn
I am fire, I am your deepest desires
I am the memoir torn, I am the furioius storm
I am flame and everything I touch is changed
I am the cinder, I am the whisper
I am iron, I am steel, I am the hunger you feel
I am smoke, I am the open door, I am four
I am a prophet, I am the monster in the closet
I am the funeral pyre, I am your deepest desire
I am fire, I am rage, I am flame.

Chad Taylor
© Copyright 2016. All Rights Reserved


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