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My daughters Wedding day

Updated on December 13, 2010
I will never forget the day my daughter came to me and announced that she was getting married, she showed me the ring and we both began to scream like two children. I was so excited for her and I knew that she relly loved this man and he loved her. Later after all of the excitement died down and I was alone in my room it suddenly hit me, my little girl is getting married.Sadness replaced the joy I had felt just a few hours ago,and I began to reflect on the little girl that had given me so much joy. Now here we were getting ready to plan a wedding and watch our little girl walk down the isle into a brand new life that really would not include us as much or at least not in the same ways. The wedding was set for the end of July so there was not a lot of time to plan, it was already December so we had a lot to do. We began to plan and make the guest list, and the list for the food, and go shopping for the gown and just so many things to do and so little time to get them all done. Thus the shopping begins, and we are everywhere, picking up little knick- knacks from almost every store we went to, and it was actually fun just seeing all we were getting accomplished, we decided to enlist the aid of a wedding planner best move we could have made. Now on to shopping for the gown, we were both so excited and the experience was the one that took us into the bridal pit of,well I,ll let you use your own imagination..... the fitting went really well at first, and the gowns were all so beautiful..finally she found it that gown that said this is it, this is the one no need to look any further. And she looked absolutly beautiful. She was blessed with her shoes and I was so glad about that, now for the tiarra, and the jewelrey, and the hall and the food, and wow, I,m having flashbacks just thinking about it all. We are getting closer now to the big day, our whole lives are now consumed with the wedding. I decided that I wanted to do the invitations and programs so I embark on this task that I told myslef would be a piece of cake..hum whatever was I thinking, they did turn out beautiful, but well what was I thinking. Finally the menu is being decided and really that was the least stressful part of all. Now I love my daughter very much but she turned into bridzilla right before my eyes, what happended to my sweet little girl, we were going at it now. Mom I dont like this I like that one, but dear I would say this is more practical..wrong thing to say..ok so we kissed and made up when we got home. Picking out the cake was bittersweet..I must have gained about ten pounds before she finally decided on the cake she wanted I was so happy when I heard her say this is it, this is the one. It is now July and we are almost there and the wedding planner had everything done on her end, the Church was reserved for that special day, and we had set up two rehershals the first of which went just fine, but the last one I thought we were going to have to call off the wedding, Lord please not now just let there two young people walk down the isle and I can finally exhale. The day has arrived and the bride set out early that morning to get her hair and make up done, in the mean while I am trying to pull everyone else together including myself. I get a call with this person on the other end screaming in my ear...she is not done I am going to be late for my own wedding Mom what am I going to do, what you have got to be kidding is this ever going to end, I try to calm her down as best I could while having a melt down myself...finally I send my husband and her brother on to the Church while I wait at home to help her grap her gown and her bag and head out ourselves. We arrive at the Church and there was a nice crowd already so we get her to the back door where the wedding planner is waiting, I did have to peek out to see the Church and it was beautiful. Coming out of the dressing room in her gown my heart melted, she was so very beautiful I forgot all of the bad times we had preparing for this very special day. As she prepared to walk down the isle on her Dad's arm I could see he was choked up with emotion..finally she is now a married women. The reception was very nice, music,food and fellowship then it was time to say goodbye to the newlyweds as they left for their honeymoon and their new life together. If I had to change one thing about the experience I had helping my daughter prepare for her new life, I must say I would not change a thing and I will cherish the memories alway.. it has been six years now and I am the proud Grandmother to their two beaufiul little girls.


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    • sdbeasley profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thank You

    • youmeget profile image


      7 years ago


    • sdbeasley profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thank You melpor

    • melpor profile image

      Melvin Porter 

      7 years ago from New Jersey, USA

      Very good hub Sdbeasly. I felt like I was there helping you plan it and seeing the wedding.


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