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Ice Cream Cloud

Updated on May 7, 2012
speechless | Source


Hanging around just like any other

Walking here and again there

Finding a place to rest my feet

I sat down and for a while consider

On the while thinking of stupid things

While things go by, I took a sigh

I don’t know why of this state

Boredom came and he is not late

I text a friend and maybe a reply

but none came, no passing by

I look at friends with their goodbye

the day is past and how time flies

Suddenly I saw something from afar

in my direction is the heading

I said to myself with the feeling

“what a beautiful car, oh so pleasing

No one around for company

Silence dwells the presence in me

I took some moments earnestly

as I am ready to flee

And there you were walking steadily

As time gets the best of me

Just like in the movies of so many

when time moves in oh so naturally

Much dreaming have been such awkward

many written kept a move onward

something set and cannot forget

a tale on that midsummer regret

I don’t know why, can I just fly?

Walk away and say goodbye

clear my mess to make the rest

from what’s best, breathless and speechless



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