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Not everything can be forgiven

Updated on November 24, 2017

I'm standing next to you after years have gone

Silence's in the air, we don't know what is love

Or that's what you're thinking, shallow as you are

You moved on so quickly, I don't want a new start

I'm acting cold and prudence, like my heart is ice

Even though it's melting when I see your smile

Even though I'm breaking when you gently touch her leg

The mask's on my face, ice queen doesn't care

I'm standing next to you after many fallen tears

Trying hard to hide how my feelings are still real

'You could find a better' (although she's a goddess)

I said just to cancel this unwanted silence

With just a few words, you erased the topic

'Who cares about better, at least she is honest!'

'She'd make me forget you, stop thinking about us.'

'You're even lying better, applause's worth your act!'

'Why you weren't honest? Why you acted cold,

One day you'd be full of love, the other like a stone.'

'I wanted to show you that I'm not your toy,

I felt so humiliated, my ego was gone.'

But you'll never know that I miss you every day

My heart is locked now, I won't love again.

'I'm ready to leave her, just say that you want me.

We're the perfect pair, there won't be more doubting.'

'I don't want you anymore, so do as you please.'

I said and I turned, so you couldn't see my tears...

© 2017 solivagant


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    • solivagant profile image

      solivagant 6 months ago

      Thank you :-)

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 6 months ago from Queensland Australia

      Very sad, but well expressed and emotional