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Sleepy Hallow: Ichobad Crane

Updated on July 21, 2015
Animated version.
Animated version.
Johnny Depp as Ichobad Crane
Johnny Depp as Ichobad Crane
Television series Sleepy Hollow
Television series Sleepy Hollow

Is Ichobad Crane real?

While the character of Ichobad Crane is a fictional character, from a short story written by an American writer named Washington Irving and first published ca1820; his character is someone you feel you could love and understand.

By today's standards, Ichobad Crane would be considered somewhat of a nerd and in the book he is portrayed as a thin and superstitious school master from Connecticut.

It's popularity has never wavered from our hearts. To date the story of Sleepy Hollow and it's unlikely hero Ichobad Crane still continues to be recreated again and again. In animation to capture the young, television and movie theater versions to capture the adults.

Will the real Ichobad Crane come forward....

While he is not the individual of the legendary Sleepy Hollow character, Ichobad Bennett Crane was definitely a real individual and the son of General William Crane. In 1809 Ichobad served as a Lt. on the USS United States. He had an impressive military career and had received the rank of Colonel by 1853. In 1857, while still on active duty he passed away and was buried in Ashbury Methodist Cemetery in New Springville, NY.

The state where the legend was created by Washington Irving. Could he have used Colonel Crane as his muse? The possibility is very likely.

Could there be a connection between the character and the Colonel?

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New Springville, NY

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New Springville, Staten Island, NY, USA
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