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Icons of Excellence

Updated on August 4, 2017

Icons of Excellence


Yesterday we chose excellence as our name,

By rejecting every shame

Because Jesus took away every blame

And christened us with a name of fame.

We may in number be few

But God’s heavenly dew

Which on our heads and appearance does show

That we are not like Lagos’ go slow

But Heavenly Giants of tomorrow’s snow

To bless and heal humanity of their present woe.

Today we take a leap of faith

Over the Atlantic Ocean of human limitation

Which barricades divine visitation

Seeking Destiny’s appointed date.

Five thousands were not in our day fed

Yet in our day will it be said

That a million has this class touch

To become a light the world can touch

Where a thousand failed in the wilderness of 40 years,

Icons of Excellence will excel in coming   years                                                                                    Where our imprints in Earth’s time                                                                                              Cannot be eclipsed by any other clime.

Our future graven on God’s palms,

Though our lives resonate just like Bible’s Psalms

Of different chapters and melancholic song,

Will never suffer any wrong

Because He will do exceedingly

Even abundantly

All our heart desire’s, expectedly.


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    • evansyah20 profile image

      evansyah20 7 years ago from Lagos, Nigeria

      A performance poem I did the day I graduated from the School of Ministry and Leadership.The name of our class is Icons of Excellence which is an inspiration to this piece