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Icy Soul -Original Poem

Updated on July 10, 2016

Icy Soul

People don’t see you

for who you really are.

A person with no heart,

ice inside your soul.

Playing with people’s emotions

and feelings,

is all a game to you.

Never once thinking

of how your actions

could affect

one person.

Try to put you

way back in my mind.

Somehow, you’re always there,

ever present.

It pains me to see

people praising you for being so great.

Not seeing behind the mask

you wear every day.

A cold chills fills the air

when I see you now.

The coldness from your soul

hits me hard.

No heart is present,

only a whole in it’s place.

Filling up with ice,

freezing your soul from knowing

what it means to be

a decent human being.

Story behind the poem

I wrote this poem with the idea of how I was treated by someone I thought was a best friend. We had met 5 years ago and a friendship started not long after. Or so I thought a friendship was there. But I was fooled. Not once, not twice, but over ten times I was hurt by this person. I gave one too many chances until the time came when I just had enough. If this person didn't know what it meant to be a best friend by now, then they never will. Others who know this person think that they are the greatest thing on earth, but I know from experience, they are far from that. This is someone who was never a friend to begin with.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to read this poem. I am working hard to get a poetry book out there for everyone to see. Keep a look out for a new poem next week that I'll be posting!


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