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Icy remnants jostling around

Updated on August 30, 2012

Icy remnants jostling around :

Lazarus under the ground

crying for shackles to be unbound

Jesus uplifted unwound

to a green terrace safe and sound

A soldier on a mound

looking around

like an Afghan hound

to gain a round

A thief lurking to pound

passers-by so profound

Icy remnants jostling around :

A woman betrayed by a well interwoven conceit

and thrown as a rotten wheat

in a back street

when mission tapped to complete.

Icy remnants jostling around :

A child ran naked near Trang Bang

An other one in Holy Land killed behind a concrete wall by a gang.

Others not so far in Babel slaughtered by a cold machine without showing any bang.

Icy remnants jostling around :

Grass struggling to bob up like a cork from water

The old buildings tumbled down by a bulldozer

when pillars seemed to totter .

Dirty lane spotted by a puddle

where lovers used to perch to cuddle

Icy remnants jostling around

inside my mind

as I sit refined

to make images lined

one by one without being confined

or assigned .

My light is dim

My ink is spilled out for last whim

My night is leaving behind a trim

for a dawn to prim.


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