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Poem- Ida Amgine; Valentine

Updated on July 21, 2014

Ida Amgine. Valentine.

February 14th, 2009

I Babble, I Spit*
But Nothing Makes Sense
My Heart is Twirled Up
My Heart Is Past Tense

I Try To fit Words
To The Thoughts I don't think
I Try To Move on 
But Can't Break This Kink

Words lose all meaning
Can't describe How I Feel
My Heart beats fast
My chest hard as steel.

I feel cramped in my body
Yet I have too much room
My emotion’s a paradox
Of My impending doom.

No danger to my life
No danger to my Heart
Just Danger of Regrets
Of something I can't Start

I want so badly to meet you
So badly to just talk
But I Can't Even Bring My Legs 
Over there, to Just Walk

I Avoid Your Pictures
I’m Struck Down by Your Beauty
My Heart Stops every Glance
When I look at you Cutie

I Can't Help But Be Scared
I have Never felt this way
Not from friends or Lovers
Not from any other Day

I’m Scared to Admit
That this could be Love at first sight
I don't wanna weird you out
Or give you a Fright

I Know Its Not Love
But still I dream so
I want you in my life
As a friend, not foe

Let’s Start at the beginning 
Let’s see where it goes
Let’s Start With A phrase
That Everybody Knows

Let’s Start With a Smile
Let’s Start With A Handshake
Lets With Start With the Truth
And Nothing That's Fake

Lets Be Friends Here Out
Maybe More Someday
But Before We Part
I Have More to Say

You're The Most Beautiful Girl I've Seen
My Heart Tells Me This
My Soul screams It Out
My Eyes Are in Bliss

So I'll Cherish This Moment
When Our Lives Intertwined
You’re A Picture Perfect Girl
I Hope You Don't Mind 

So Enough With The Prequel
Enough With the End
There’s Still A few Words
That I need to Send

Hi, My Name Is Johnny
And I'm Mr. Right
Aka Prince Charming
Or Your Own Black Knight

Sure I'll Be Your Friend
But I Will Not Lie
I Want You As My Own
And Me, Your Own Guy

So Either Tell it To Me Straight
Or Nothing at all
Can I Be Your Best Friend
Or Can We Just Fall?

Fall In Love Fully
With Each Other Of Course
You Bring Your Beauty
And I Bring My White Horse

So The question Is out there
I'll Wait For It Too
Be It months or years
I wait just for you

So the end of this poem
Is right now, right here
I have no more to say now
But Plenty to fear

If you should reject me
I Guess It’ll Be Fine
But before I go Now
Will You Be My Valentine?

-Johnathan David-

*Spit: A slang term for raping. I thought of changing it but nothing else felt right…

Just to be clear. This IS about ONE SINGLE GIRL I met, and it will always be about her. No one else.

© 2009 Johnathan David


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    • Johnathan David profile image

      Johnathan David 5 years ago

      Unfortunately, the girl I wrote it to never saw it. Heck, I barely even knew the girl. Plus she had a fiancé which I didn't know about... Still she was breathtaking and inspired me to write. Can't really ask for more in that situation... Hopefully I can find someone who appreciates this poem and ones like it though.

    • profile image

      Miranda 5 years ago

      WOW. This is a beautiful poem, the girl you wrote it for is a very lucky and special person. I believe in love at first sight, though I've yet to feel it myself. Great Hub(: