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Iron Druid Chronicals review

Updated on April 5, 2019

The Iron Druid Chronicals

The Iron Druid Chronicals is a series of fantasy novels written by Kevin Hearne. There are also audiobooks avalible for those who would prefer to listen then read, either is a fine choice. It is a new age story that is tied long into the past, accounting for a druid who is over 2100 years old living in the modern day. The author tries in several deities, from several different cultures in a well fashioned manner, along with other super natural beings such as werewolves, vampires, and ofcourse druids.

The story follows the life of Atticus O'Sullivan, a druid over 2100 years old, born in Ireland and living in Arizona present day. As the last druid alive, and being hunted by the Fae God of love, he lives a quiet life trying to keep under the radar of Celtic, and all the other gods. He lives alone with his dog Oberon, who plays the biggest comic relief role of the story, but is also a vital part as it grows. Between his book, and herb shop, his visits to the old Irish widow, they share the normal aspects of his life for the most part.

Atticus is eventually located by the Fae God, and it turns his quiet life upside down once again. He has to turn to his laywers, a Warewolf, and a Vampire for assistance, and between the Fae God, and a covenant of witches he has to figure out a way to come out alive. As he fights on using his druidic abilities and his deal with the Fae goddess the Morigaan, along side his magical fae sword that can cut through anything, along with its other abilities he makes loose ties with others, and undertakes an apprentice.

In his journey to train his new apprentice he is dragged through several other adventures, ones he is mostly forced into one way or another. Be it a deal, helping in a plot of revenge, survival, he has many battles against the fiercest of foes. As a druid, he is a human with a special connection to the earth, ability to shape shift to a few animals, and cast bindings under certain restrictions, he is truly the underdog in his battles.

The storyline is great, everything I wanted when I didnt know what I wanted to start with. Every character plays their part, and does it well. There was thought and research done, real locations used. Binding several mythological places into one large world in a great fashion. Cant forget Oberon either, the dog who can talk through a mental connection with Atticus. Such a great character to the books himself.

My rating : 7/10


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