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Idioms...sayings understood by native speakers part eighty three

Updated on July 11, 2011

Jenny sat back in her seat. They said, confession was good for the soul, but she looked at the face of the young prosecutor, he looked sad, yet determined.

"I will fight to win this case, but since the perpetrator knows all of this, his attorney will use it against you and it will come up in a public trial. Granted, we are one county over, but your acquaintances, your church members, everyone will know this about you. Are you that strong to handle it?"

Jenny blinked back a tear that attempted to escape.

"I don't care what happens to me, even if he gets off, maybe it will save someone. Maybe it will help the next person who meets this guy. Maybe he won't be so foolish to act on his impulses. I wish to proceed." She got up a little wobbly. "I need to go and check on my friend. Take care." And with that she excused herself, walking as quickly as she could to the ICU. There she spied one of the nurses that was taking care of Lynn.

"Is it okay if I stay with her for a little while?"


Jenny pulled up a chair and took Lynn's hand in hers.

"So... Best friend... I need to talk." She proceeded to tell Lynn of the things she knew... and soon her head nodded off and she fell asleep with her head lying on the bed holding Lynn's hand.

"So, the coma drugs should be wearing off soon. Any sign of purposeful movement on your patient?" A nurse inquired of the one taking care of Lynn.

She raised an eyebrow. "Not sure, but I think that this patient has several reasons to stay with us."

"So is that why you let the PR person stay?"

"Ummmm, let's just say, that my fifty-fifty patient has better odds of coming back."

She stated with confidence as she went in to perform a quick assessment of her patient. She looked over at the PR member. This wounded girl is really loved, she thought to herself as she vacated to check on the next patient.


Deshaun crept onto the main hall that led to the connecting stairway to the large expanse of the first floor. he stopped behind a supporting pillar. Getting his bearings, he heard foot steps and flattened himself along the pillar.

"Master John called us. Apparently there is something that needs to be removed, from the master study." stated a man in a black suit to three others in guard uniforms.

Deshaun narrowed his eyes as he watched the four head into a room just off the entrance.


Aaron Christopher Matthews... The man in question ran his hand over the old college yearbook. He sat on his bed wondering what happened to the handsome young man that stared into that camera as it clicked. He turned the page and there he saw his Melanie. Black hair, with green eyes, she did look like that Hauser girl. He threw the book down. He opened his door and walked down the long hall towards the stairs.

Deshaun held his breath and did not move. He watched as a short balding man walked right past him and did not stop, flinch, or see him. He almost appeared like a robot in a sense so focused on some task that he would not realize that the house was burning down.

The man descended the stairs quickly and walked across the expanse of large room then turned and opened a door opposite of where the others had gone.

Chris looked at the young man, bound and gagged on the floor. He watched as the boy struggled against the bonds, like a fish out of water.

Charlie felt pain. Just the ropes on his wrists alone were excruciating, his feet felt like they were on fire, the gag felt like it was choking him... tears ran down his face.

"Charlie, it's Chris. Stop fighting it. Are they that tight? I will help you."

Chris leaned down and loosened the bonds a little. He sat Charlie up with his back to the wall as he removed the gag, he said, "Shuush, we have to whisper."

Charlie, felt like he could breath again. "It huwts, Chris. Please take them off, Charlie won't run away."

Chris leaned back and saw the discomfort and pain on the boy's face.

"Fine. You promised, right. You won't run away..." He loosened the ropes and removed them.

Charlie caught his breath again.

"Chwis? Charlie hears weally well."

"You do?"

"Yes. Wick is close by. He and Cawl. Cawl hit Wick."

Christopher sat down beside Charlie.

"Please understand. Nothing can stop this family."

"We have to help Wick."

Christopher sighed. He did not know what to do. Numbers were so much easier to figure out.


Carl sat up a little surprised when he saw four men enter the room. John nodded at them, and gestured towards Rick.

The men started to pick him up when suddenly the door bell rang. John stated, quietly. "Wait."

"Now what?" Martin looked into his glass irritated at this discussion.

John held the door open a little, as he heard voices at the door.

"What do you mean you did not want pizza? Why would you order one if you did not want any?"

Deshaun held his breath as he heard his brother's voice echoing into the large room.

The servant kept putting his brother off, and the argument escalated.

"Look I get paid for the deliveries I make. Not for the returns. Get it!!!!"

"Sir, no one at this residence would order such a thing."

"I don't care. I am holding a super deluxe triple cheese with ham here. Just the mileage alone and the time to get here, makes this a $40.00 pizza. I ain't looking to see that money removed from my check, so, hand it over."

The servant opened the door and let Dejuan in. He walked to the center of the room. Holding the pizza like it was gold, itself.

"Just a moment, sir. I will be back after I have received my instructions."

Dejuan nodded. "Make it snappy. I have more deliveries to make."

The servant crossed the room and knocked on the master study door.


Dejuan surveyed the room and looked up to the second floor. There, he saw a hand wave at him, he took a deep breath and walked over to one of the tables with a large vase of flowers. He took something out of his pocket and left it hidden behind there. Deshaun smiled as he watched his brother.


Charlie sat up.


Chris smiled at that, this guy was truly child like.

"Is Charlie hungry?"

The boy nodded as his stomach growled.

Chris chuckled. "Fine. Pizza, it is."

He stood up and went out to the foyer where Dejuan waited, just as John entered the room.

"I am so glad you brought it. How much do I owe you?" Chris asked.

"Forty bucks. Man, this is a nice house."

"Yes, it is." John answered looking the man over.

Dejuan held his hand out to recieve the money. Chris handed him a fifty.

"I am sorry, that is all I have on me."

"Fine. Ten dollar tip. You don't mind do you? With the price of gas and all." stated Dejuan.

John shook his head. Knowing that Christopher would argue to the penny if anyone would ask for more than what was agreed to.

"Keep the change for your troubles. I am sorry for the mix up."

John narrowed his eyes.

Dejuan gave the man his cheesiest, wow, I got a tip smile. Taking the money, he thanked the man, handing over the pizza, and then bid his goodbye.

"Thankyou for choosing Mickey's Pizza. Have a nice day." And headed out of the house, keeping his eyes on the exit, shoving his desire to look up at his brother again.

As the two in the room heard the door close, John spoke up.

"Since when do you eat pizza?"

"I just felt like it."

"Since when... since we have a guest? You decided you should feed him his last meal?"

"John, he is just a retarded kid. There is no need to get rid of him. I think he could come in handy."

"I bet." He paused. "So now you want to keep him for a pet? What about that Hauser girl?"

A servant walked into the room at that point in time.

"Miss? Could you bring me a Coke?"

"Yes, sir." as she bee lined it towards the kitchen.

"Ah, so you are going to give him a Coke as well?"

"John, please. I haven't met anyone like this kid before. I just want to know him better."

"Chris, there is a reason why farmers don't name their cows. It is easier when they send them to the slaughter house."

"i know. But, this boy has a name. I cannot deny it."

The maid returned and Chris took the drink.


She was surprised and nodded to the man, heading off to her other duties.

John watched Christopher walk to the room that held Charlie and enter it.

He shook his head. That cuts it, he thought. He would have to get rid of Charlie tonight, then get rid of the Hauser girl as soon as he located her. So much to do, and so little time, as he returned to the study, hearing A.J. speaking.

"So that is the history behind Melanie."

Carl nodded, looking at the perturbed face of his Uncle John, who kicked Rick as he started to step over him.

"Get that garbage out of here. Put in the same room."

Carl let out a breath. I wonder if Charlie is in that room.

Deshaun watched as he saw four men with each of Rick's limbs carrying him across the room to the one that Christopher entered. As he watched them leave, he started to descend down the stairs to that table with Dejuan's gift.

He got there and grabbed it. Another short wave, just before he went to place it on, a man servant walked in.

"Ah, you are still here?"

Deshaun caught his breath.

He turned, and said, "Yes. I just needed to give the change back." He pulled out his wallet and handed the man a ten.

"I will just be going."

He went ot the door, noting the man did not follow and opened and closed the door. Staying in the entryway, he watched the man servant smile and pocket the money, heading towards another room and leaving.


"Yes, sir. I know I am making you decide for an early retirement. But sir.." Scott held the phone away from his ear.

"Yes, sir, I understand I need to come back soon to face the music."

He listened to that rantings of his boss a little while longer.

"With all due respect, sir. These people are putting their lives on the line. I am sending their transmission through to you directly, sir. I don't care. I will tender my resignation when I return."


Charlie dropped his pizza when the four men dropped Rick onto the floor in front of him. Chris stood up and watched them tie Rick's hands and feet.

One of them looked over at Charlie.

"How did you get loose?" He looked at Christopher standing in the corner.

"We are just gong to have to fix that now."

Suddently lightening flashed, and loud clap of thunder hit.

An unearthly piercing cry echoed in the room. It cleared the room and hit Deshaun's ears.

"Charlie?" He ran to the end of the foyer, seeing no one. He walked over the room and opened the door up, to hide behind, knowing how foolish a move that was. He prayed...

"What the hell?"

"Let go of him."

All three men were on Charlie, as he held the fourth man in his arms, squeezing the life out of him.

The keening continued as another loud clap of thunder occurred and another....

Deshaun cleared the door. He saw them finally getting their man extricated from Charlie's arms.

He held up his gun, and stated.

"Gentlemen, I suggest that you all stand over there." Pointing to the end of the room.

to be continued.....


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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      :):):):):):):) OK :0)

    • meow48 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from usa

      yyyyeeessssssssssss, sir. and thanks...hee. garsch, this is how i write when i am up more than sixteen hours...hee.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Ok, cats meaow48 :0)

      I do not want to hear any more appoligies for not being a good writer etc..not to slarty or anyone...Got It LOL Or I will come over there with the Irish Mafia :)))))

      You are a natural writer with your own style as are the rest of us...The world does not need another Dickens, ShaKespear or Thomas O just needs an oringal You and I need to learn how to spell :0) keep using your natural Gift and no more appoligizing...I,m not going to spell check this LOL This is who I,m ...Love You Have a great One Fellow writer!!!!

      Mike :0)

    • meow48 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from usa

      mike, you are too kind... really. and thanks

    • profile image

      Aka Professor M 

      9 years ago

      Those who have read the commentary on these hubs should be aware of the following facts. First that you are a overworked & underpaid, skilled nurse. Second you possess a Vivid and Health Imagination as evidenced by this series and your other Hubs.

      Third you deserve to be allowed to be human in the area of Editing given the time constraints your profession demands. I point out the edits only to help you improve when you have had sufficient time to Rest and Recuperated, Jean!

      Regards Mike ( Aka Professor M!) ;D

    • meow48 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from usa

      to all of my shy fans, and to mike, i am terribly sorry for the editing of this chapter, i will try to improve, please bear with me. take care.

    • profile image

      Aka Professor M 

      9 years ago

      Apparently the comment I made was deemed as promoting when referring to the HTML recurring problem, Jean!

      I will e-mail you on it later. Overall the Chapter is entertaining and I voted it up and Awesome!

      Regards Mike(Aka Professor M!)

    • profile image

      Aka Professor M 

      9 years ago

      Overall the flow and characters have stayed true to form


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