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Idle Words - Not soon Forgotten

Updated on September 30, 2012

One would say

as if to say

What one could say

should saying so, say

If words were keys

to locks unknown

And entrances were

the only way

Howbeit there is no locking

if there is that lock on thought

That's lost in thought

where final is a way to say

Yet if to speak

with words bespoken

As if to revel in the utter

incantations, unspoken

That combination of the void

that emptiness indwells

By freedoms saying

it is so and saying still

Reaching for and with

a pardon, unlocking

To some it would seem

a foregone byword

That melds the motion

to the mind so free

So that so is more-so

and yet a statement

Of the person, for the person

by the vocal expectations

Could it be to say again

the saying is the so ?

What lock is locked

of the portal closed

That hinders words so quiet

yet inspired by combinations

That liberate the sayings

by saying so, it is

But not forgotten by conclusion

for it is always spoken, so.

And so it is that

saying so, is so final

Remembered all the more so

for all is in the saying, so


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