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If I Could But Return To Two Misty Green Seas.

Updated on January 22, 2010


If I could but return to two misty green seas.    

In my

waterbed I lay
as my dreams formulate

by pillows
with billowing sheets
and a comforter too
but it's made

out of wool
not the comfort

I'd choose
to share this

small island
that floats

just off center
on a sea green...

 foam carpet
that extends

to bay windows
where white curtains

go sailing
on the slightest

of breezes


No, the

comforter I seek
would have green

eyes that sparkle
like bright..sun

speckled waters
and the warmth

of soft beach sand
in her flesh..

freshly tanned
here like cuddlefish

we would...
snuggle up

close together........
sharing all

those wet places
marooned on

the shores
of love's

sweet paradise
in those misty

green seas
that we both

once found nice.







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