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If I Die

Updated on March 22, 2016

If I die, would you love me still?

Would you visit my grave and keep the deal?

Would you sing me a song while I lay on my tomb?

I might probably say that I like the tune.

Would you bring me flowers if it’s All Souls day?

Even if it’s nighttime, would you even dare to stay?

Would you write some letters containing your love?

And read them out loud and pretend not to sob?

Would you tell your family about the past?

Would you look at the pictures we took without flash?

Would you even remember the day we first met,

And the day we talked until the sun had set?

If I die, would you even dream of me?

And go to the places that I’ve always wanted to see

I apologize for talking so unreasonably

It’s probably because I don’t want you to die before me.

Photo by: Greg Ortega
Photo by: Greg Ortega | Source


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