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"If I Never Left Town" by Eric Wayne Flynn

Updated on May 24, 2015

"If I Never Left Town"

From the womb

From the room

From the playground

From the neighborhood

To the outskirts

To the edge

To the end of home; another thing to turn your back on

So, you step off the back steps

Into the wild

Into the unknown

Into a 1965 Ford

Filled to the brim, foot on the gas

Foot to the future, back to the past

Hands on the wheel, windows down, radio up

In a rush, in a fog, figuring the way


Arriving at a certain time, a certain place

Where the boy behind the wheel, driven to search for the man

For the man he's driven to find, extends to the child a hand

Waving it in the wind, saying his last goodbyes

Hand out the window, surfing, as tears roll down it's eyes

Lost in the rear view

The man now behind the wheel

Leaving the child in the dust

Into the dark forest

To dig itself a ditch

So it has a place to sleep

Fend, show you can make it alone

Fight, learn to make it on your own

Man on the road

Boy in the woods

Man submerged in evil

Boy submerged in good

No grey, no middle ground

The balance, the yin and the yang

The tight rope, the see saw, the pendulum, the noose

Wrapped around the child's brain

For the child's mind left in the woods, feels the worlds grip, the vice, the pain

The stain of man left festering on the child's head

In the light, in the dark, through the fire, the voices said

What happens if he fail?

What happens if he fall?

What happens if he to lose?

What happens to us all?

The myths, told that we have wings

All afraid to fly

The boy's Ford filled with junk

Empty comforts before he die

Buried in a tomb of gold, "look at me, I made it"

Is what each of us dream to say

The boy and the man fighting for the wheel, swerving in the dark looking for the day

Where the sun beams through the fog, dicing it into a mist

Searching for this

For that in which we all wish to achieve


A rainbow

An answer that lay on the other side

Of the road, of the sand

The line drawn for the boy, by the hands of man




Into nature

Into a diner

With a coffee cup in my hand

I take a sip, a hot slurp

In my head it's all swimming around

Digging through the sands of time

I sit and sip

And wonder about the things I've found

I sit and sip, wondering who I'd be

If I never left town


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    • Eric Flynn profile image

      Eric Wayne Flynn 3 years ago from Providence, Rhode Island

      Thanks Jodah, perfect synopsis, and we never know. Thanks again as always.


    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 3 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Eric, when we are growing up we can't wait to leave home and make our way in the world, seek our fortune, reach for our goals. Many never achieving what they dreamed of. Before you know it life is almost over and you wonder what your life may have been if you had taken a different path or stayed put in your hometown.....I guess you never know. Great poetry.