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A Poem: If I Should Die Today

Updated on September 20, 2019
Gabriel Wilson profile image

With the darkest of my thoughts transferred to written words at times I can see the light.

A Poem: If I Should Die Today
A Poem: If I Should Die Today

Black Waters:

The epiphany of dark poetry, will engulf your inner morbid self and take you to depts even you cannot fathom.

If I Should Die Today

If I should die today

my life; a chain of yesterdays.

My future plucked

from the palm of my hand

abandoned; left adrift.

Scattered fragments

of my departed mind

lost molecules in a soulless abyss

an eternal darkness of nothingness.

All my wanton dreams,

obsolete; forever buried deep.

My hopes engulfed by silence

suppressed; smothered; deceased.

My deliberations

absorbed within a perennial gorge

a festering chasm of decay

if I should die today.

My very being expelled

from a living world

stripped of earthly powers.

A cadaver entombed beneath the dirt

a desolate crypt

plagued by emptiness

where I will lie;

embodied in my aphotic vault

if I should die today.

If I should die today

all contemplation lost to me

amid my rotten bones.

Impending thoughts perish

in sympathy with flesh.

All the wonder of my existence;

stolen, as my breath

an empty vessel void of life.

If I should die today

all that was mine

to behold,

thieved by the lurid demon death.

My blood dry within my veins.

My heart; red meaty flesh.

A lifeless shell robbed of soul

to dwell beneath the putrid earth.

My fetid remains,

submerged; dormant

within my crepuscular chamber.

Embraced by seclusion

consumed by imminent infinity

damned to oblivion;

deserted; alone

all that might have been;

lost and forlorn

if I should die today.

Author's note

'If I Should Die Today' expresses the shear devastation that death inevitable brings: stripping us of our flesh and our mortal capabilities; taking everything we have become and everything we hoped to be. Death as no conscience: he comes and he covets.

Death is final: there is no tomorrow; there is no second chance; all the things you want to do, your hopes and dreams; your thoughts; your expectations. They die with you. Death is the final scene in our lives. We will never be in death what we were in life.

Embrace all that you are; all that you can be; live every minute to the full and remember that tomorrow may never be today.

Failure is only failure when you don't even try. Death takes us all, make sure you have no regrets.

© 2011 Gabriel Wilson


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