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If I Would Have Only Known...

Updated on November 28, 2012

A Mother's Love

If I would have known that your time was near,

I would have told you how much I cared

If I would have known the sacrifices you gave,

I would have tried harder your life to save

.If I would have known the lives you touched,

You would have known I loved you so much.

If I would have known the source of your grace,

I would have known it was a reflection of His face.

If I would have known your love for others,

I would have known that you were the greatest of mothers

If I could just have one more moment to spend,

I would have let you know that to our love there is no end.

For your memory is etched deep within my heart,

Your love for me I should never part.

I think of you when I wake in the morning and lay to sleep,

I still pray the prayer you taught for my soul the Lord should keep.

Your gift in life was bringing out a person’s best,

It’s now up to us to do the rest.

I miss you now, as I miss you then

,I will look forward to the time with there is no end

And though we are no longer to be,

There will come a time when we shall share eternity.

There death will no longer have its sting,

We will be in the Savior’s presence to sing.


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