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If I and My Cousins are Superheroes: Chapter 1, Page 14

Updated on March 21, 2016

The second most privileged is Ava. Her dad is a doctor. He is a pediatrician. Her mother is a housewife with a small online business. Aunt Vicky has just started selling customized cupcakes online. This year, Aunt Vicky is diagnosed with colon cancer stage 3. Ava’s family is still hopeful that things will turn out good in the end. Ava is a home-schooled tenth grader. This is to give way to her modeling career.

Uncle Gab is once a poor drug addict alcoholic who is saved by his Christian faith. Aside from his ministry at a parochial church in Baguio, he has a successful mid-level restaurant business with his wife. Benjamin is to graduate at March 31st with a bachelor’s degree on secondary education, major in biology. Mason is in second year college taking up information technology.

Jacob is accepted as a cruise ship crew, a step forward towards his dream of travelling the whole world. Sophia is a sixth grader. She is always in the top ten of the batch. She does very well in Math. She likes creating blueprints of buildings. It seems that she aspires to be a civil engineer someday.

However, our ordinary lives will be forever changed by the strangest phenomena the Earth yet has seen. A green aurora extends from the North Pole to the entire globe. A green ray envelopes the whole world at the New Year’s Eve. By the year 2016, all of Earth’s people begin to acquire superpowers of their own. Havoc and woe in the world is caused by chaos.



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