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If I and My Cousins are Superheroes: Chapter 1, Page 10

Updated on March 20, 2016

Benjamin is a responsible family. He is generous with his parents and siblings. He is the most matured among Mason, Jacob, and Sophia. He is hardworking. He is dedicated even to household chores. He is known for his commitment and fidelity to loved ones. A great example is his long lasting relationship with his girlfriend Riley.

However, it is bad to provoke him. He is impatient especially to harsh remarks. He is quite prideful and he does not allow anyone to step on his human dignity. When angry, he can be harsh, aggressive, and even violent. He can hold grudges for a long time. He has a very sensitive ego. It is best to take extra caution when dealing with his fragile sense of self-worth.

Mason is levelheaded and calm. He prefers solving conflicts logically instead of doing it violently and aggressively. Mason is smart. He is smarter in real life than on school papers. He devotes time to his studies but not to the point of obsession. He is a very practical person. This is why he focuses more on his people and everyday life skills.

Mason can be very proud. He takes great pride on his achievements, strategic skills, and good attributes as a person. There are times that when he talks with his friends, he brags of the good things he have done. He can be impatient when it comes to goals. He want results as fast as possible. He likes shortcuts but he can draw unnecessary danger because of his too much bravery in trying the quickest way out.



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