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If I and My Cousins are Superheroes: Chapter 1, Page 11

Updated on March 20, 2016

Ava is the worst received in terms of personality. There are many critical of her. First, she is criticized for her tactlessness. She is easily angered and can recklessly speak of words which are often hurtful to people. Second, she is put down because of her stubbornness. She always wants to get her way. Lastly, she is hated for her narcissism. She is somewhat obsessive of her own beauty.

However, she can still be admired and appreciated for different reasons. She is straightforward. She is brutally honest. But at least she will never cloak her true thoughts and feelings. There is no mind games with her. She speaks her mind literally. She is generous to those she favors. When you finally win her trust, she can be a loyal and protective friend.

Sophia is a studious child. She is diligent in her studies. She is her family’s pride when it comes to academic excellence. She is a consistent honors student in her school. Though she can be temperamental to those she personally knows and to her family, she has no problems in conforming herself with the rules and regulations of the society.

Sophia is quite bookish. She is often ‘by the book’. She does things exactly as the manual tells her. She is not very creative. She does not like very bold acts and choices. She prefers going with the tried and tested. She likes the easy way. She plays safe. She preserves herself as the quiet achiever who is perfectly content staying at the background.



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