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If I and My Cousins are Superheroes: Chapter 1, Page 16

Updated on March 21, 2016

The second stone is of the element of earth. It is on the underground ruins of the richest ancient civilization in Contempro. Its guardians are dwarfs who manipulates pursuers through the lure of riches. Those who have fallen become petrified as stones embedded on the underground fortress’ walls. Benjamin defeats the guardians and obtains the earth stone with his superhuman physiology and newfound self-restraint.

The third stone is of the element of wood. It is on Contempro’s largest yet most dangerous rainforest. The stone’s guardians are giant snakes who feed on human flesh. Sophia, with her force-field and newfound courage, defeats the enormous serpents and obtains the wood stone.

The fourth stone is of the element of air. It is on Contempro’s cloud kingdom where one can only go through being sucked in the city’s annual largest and most violent tornado. The stone’s guardians are ice humanoids whose ice spikes can turn you into living dead ice. Jacob, with his teleportation superpower and newfound responsibility, defeats the ice zombies and obtains the air stone.

The fifth stone is of the element of fire. It is on Contempro’s sun in the outer space. The stone’s guardian is the sun itself. It can unleash enormous belts of fire that destroy and consume everything in their path. Ava shapeshifts into a sun humanoid and obtains the fire stone from the sun’s core.

The sixth and the last stone is of the element of lightning. It is on Contempro’s edge of the universe. The stone’s guardian is an enormous black hole with high voltages of electrical energy within it. The black hole cannot only warp light and space but time itself. We are scattered by the black hole in different time periods of Contempro. Mason defeats the black hole’s played tricks against us through his clairvoyance, interface creation, and intelligence.



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