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If I and My Cousins are Superheroes: Chapter 1, Page 2

Updated on March 20, 2016

If my masterpiece fails, I can just self-publish an e-book and sell it at Amazon in the hopes that I can make some bucks out of it. Whichever happens in the future, it is still a win-win.

Oh, this is the exciting part. I am so excited. My blood are rushing through my veins like there is no tomorrow. Uhm, sorry for that. Let me rewind.

The novel I am to make will simply answer the question ‘if I and my cousins are superheroes, what is it going to be like’.

I am very fond of superheroes. My favorite is Wolverine from X-Men. The guy with adamantium claws who cannot die because he will always quickly recover from his wounds.

To be more honest, my true no. 1 is superpowers. They are cooler than superheroes, at least for me. It is great to follow your idols’ out-of-this-world adventures now and then, but doing all those adventures yourself is way better. And one way to make it possible is to be just like your idols, to have superpowers.

I will be the protagonist of my story. It is common sense. No one will lift you up but also yourself.

For the other stars of my show, I will have my only five first cousins on mom’s side: Benjamin, Mason, Jacob, Ava, and Sophia.

Benjamin will be a great deuteragonist. He is brave, confident, and assertive. He is very pretty much a strong leader. He is the second born among Mason, Jacob, and Sophia. But his maturity makes him like he is the eldest. If I am not only biased on giving the most important role to myself, I could have picked him to be the protagonist.



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