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If I and My Cousins are Superheroes: Chapter 1, Page 4

Updated on March 20, 2016

Some of you may assume that the reason behind my decision on Sophia’s ranking is that she is too kind that she cannot even defend herself. It is not. She is not a meek sheep, only a lesser version of Ava. I do not know.

But maybe it is because of her age. Her spoiled brat sentiments inside home particularly to her mom may just be a phase she has to undergo before reaching her nicer self.

Not all people change that much in their adult years. Most people actually do not. But Sophia may be the exception to this rule.

Okay, now is the most exciting part ever: superpowers!

Mine is telepathy, Benjamin’s is superhuman physiology, Mason’s is clairvoyance plus interface creation, Jacob’s is teleportation, Ava’s is shapeshifting, and Sophia’s is force-field creation.

The superpowers are quite mainstream. In my opinion, they can be considered clichés. But absolute originality is simply impossible in any authorship. Because every work is a borrowed idea in one way or another. The most important thing is you make the story your own by enlivening it with your imagination and enriching it with your experiences.

Mine is telepathy just like Professor X or Professor Charles Francis Xavier from X-Men. Alright, it is X-Men again. But you know, X-Men is really awesome whether in comics or movies.

I will not be the wise professor in my story like Professor X. The reason behind this choice is my talent in writing. In my high school days, I used to be the literary editor for the campus paper. Basically, my job involves prose, poetry, and fiction. In fiction, you create everything. The images, the sounds, the smells, the flavors, and the feelings.



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