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If I and My Cousins are Superheroes: Chapter 1, Page 5

Updated on March 20, 2016

You actually do the same in telepathy. The superpower is just the sci-fi version of fiction. You do not create worlds with words, but with illusions.

Benjamin’s is superhuman physiology. He is the Superman of my story. I based my decision not on his talents or skills. He is unlike me. He is different from me in this respect. I used another sci-fi metaphor for him. My basis is his physical appearance. He is a tall man. This is more noticeable and applauded in our crowd. He stands six feet.

To us Filipinos, that is ‘very’ tall. Amazingly tall. I think it is a nice idea to match his real-life massive physique with a superpower that exaggerates the great physical capabilities he already have.

Mason’s is clairvoyance plus interface creation. His major in college is information technology. This major concerns itself the most with maximizing the productivity of information and its assimilation for the welfare of humanity. Information. The perfect superpower to complement information is clairvoyance. The ability to draw knowledge without any physical and sensory means.

It will be more helpful to give Mason his personal all-the-time-accessible holographic computer. Organizing and synthesizing information will be Mason’s crucial job for the team.

Jacob’s is teleportation. This time, it is personality. He is an adventurous person. He likes hanging out in different places much. I thought of giving him a superpower that can make his outdoor trips easier. With teleportation, he can just poof off in malls, parks, museums, etc. The possibilities are endless. His indoor life will be more comfortable too.



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