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If I and My Cousins are Superheroes: Chapter 1, Page 7

Updated on March 20, 2016

I am slightly irritated. I am starting this movement to wake up at exactly 5:00 am every day. I feel frustrated and defeated. But I cannot be petty. There are still many things to do. I cannot give up just because of a little mishap. I need to get going.

The shower is fine. It is more cold than hot. I am not bothered. I am used to it. Showering is like standing whenever the sky cries during rainy days. For me, those times are bleak while’s. They are lengthily extended moments when the world will submerge in darkness and sleep. It feels very cold. It is not freezing. But it makes me feel empty deep inside.

I open a box of Koko Krunch. It is not purely chocolate cereals. It has a mix-in. The mix-ins is caramel. I use Ovaltine chocolate drink for my cereals, instead of milk. It tastes fine. I like sweets.

I type ‘writing a novel’ in Google search bar. I am first welcomed by a seven-item excerpt list from I click its link. The title of the article is How to Write a Novel: 7 Tips Everyone Can Use by Chuck Sambuchino dated May 22, 2013.

To my personal standards, the website looks quite professional. This can already be expected from a prominent writing community such as Writer’s Digest. The site uses a white-blue-dark-blue color scheme for its visual appeal. The mugshot of the author impresses me of a man who smiled with strong ‘earnestness’. The color of his title and credit box has red and gold, making me remember Chinese New Year.



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