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If I and My Cousins are Superheroes: Chapter 1, Page 8

Updated on March 20, 2016

First entry is Write the story you’d most want to read. Here the author says that I have to write on my interests in reading. Not on potentially bestseller niches. Not on what my family and friends would agree. Simply on where my soul is deeply bounded and where I can find a sweet escape and enlivening adventure in the world of reading.

It sounds quite idealistic. The most eager capitalists may not always agree with him. But life is not all about money. Greed cannot buy you true happiness. I think I can pass this tip. I am to write a novel on superheroes, my favorite niche.

After the first entry, there is this advertisement titled in all caps saying GIVEAWAY. It is about this Jennifer who has a free copy of her novel for a random commentator. The winners will be drawn from the pool of commentators within 2 weeks who have at least a US or Canada residency. The book will be received by e-mail.

Since the article is written in 2013, everything above is in the past tense already. Bad of luck, I love giveaways. There is an update to this ad telling that a Karen Gough person won the contest. The more detailed name of the author is Jennifer McMahon who has been a bestselling writer of several novels. From this, I can guess she is one awesome novelist.

Second entry is Begin with a character. The author says that the characters you’ll create must be flawed and believable. They must be capable of surprising and being engaging at the same time to your readers. They must be unique. There must be something in them that the world has no idea of. The stars of your story will be more interesting if they have secrets to keep.



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