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If I were president of the men

Updated on January 26, 2015


The president
Of the mankind
I would try
To apply
The rules of justice
And fair play
All over the globe
The peace and harmony
Would throb
With the hearts
Of mankind
I would bind
The poor and rich
In one stitch
Brotherhood be
The Key
To live and let live
If I were
If I were….
No one would
Without food
No one would be
And chilled
In the name
Of terrorism
And for the fame
If I were….
If I were….
I would not
Let to exploitation
Of The poor
And down trodden
Would not let
Sectarianism grow
With one blow
I would throw
Hatred and fanaticism
From the world
If I were….
If I were….
All the religious bigotry
And infidelity
Complex of superiority
Difference of opinion
Transformed into union
If I were….
If I were….
Let not any power
To discriminate

Any body
Fair or black
With the plain bower
Of humane shower
Would not let
To under rate
The poor and wealthy
Possess relations healthy
If I were….
If I were….


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