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If I'm being honest

Updated on February 25, 2013

If I'm being honest I swoon every time we touch,

I'm attracted to you and as such,

I'm trying to play it off, trying to play it cool,

Because being around you sometimes I feel the fool,

We're buddies and I'm meant to believe it's nothing more,

But honestly I'm feeling something to my core,

I'm constantly taking into account every action of yours,

When you look my way my heart often soars,

I'm always second guessing you and wondering where this is heading,

I'm careful not to step too far over and lightly treading,

What should I do because it's you that want?

The feelings, strong, making it hard to act nonchalant,

You send me mixed signals and it's hardly fair,

But this is love, or war, so here's my truth or dare,

Claim me as yours or miss out on this,

This is fate hopefully sealed with a kiss.


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