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Vanity--Her Favorite Sin

Updated on February 7, 2013

Oh, where on Earth are the descendants of Cleopatra VII or the offsprings of Helen of Troy? You could be one of them, that's possible. Just look at the mirror and try to find the features of these two icons of beauty in your reflection.

Woman--It is her nature to desire eternal beauty and charm not just to enchant men but also to feel and live like a queen while she's still breathing. She has been roaming around the world since the day she was born in order to find that mythical fountain of youth and by fortune and perseverance, at last she found it not at the top of Mount Olympus or in the pyramids of Egypt but, inside her favorite doctor's clinic.

She's willing to experience pain--pain that feels so bad to the bones when the needles touch her skin; she's prepared to lose her consciousness just to be certain that when she wakes up, everybody would praise and adore her goddess like beauty; and she's ready to spend millions of dollars for the biggest change that would happen in her entire life--a change that would gradually replace God's work of art. But that applies only for those women who have the money and time to spend for this kind of vanity. So, what about those women who want to achieve everlasting beauty without the process of surgery? If vanity is a sin, are they exempted?

Thousands and thousands of years ago, ancient civilizations discovered the magic of cosmetics, according to history, it symbolized different things: holiness, magical powers, protection, royalty, cleanliness and so on but today, most women, gays and even men use cosmetics for three things: (1) beauty, (2) profession and (3) vanity. Women, most especially, apply make up in order to enhance their natural facial features, some wear it occasionally, some uses it everyday and some apply it excessively. Make up also determines what kind of a woman you are. It could help you appear prettier in the eyes of others, it could also hide your negative emotions--sadness, fear, weakness and anxiety; it helps you tempt men whom you like the most and it can bring you to danger as well.

Women spend money buying useless things and they want to be more beautiful though they are already beautiful in their own rights. Tell them to be happy of what God has given them and they will not listen to you, they will hear you but will never listen. They are not contented of who they are and what they have-- they never were and they never will. Most women are the ones to bring themselves into the mouth of danger and are being addicted to the things that they thought make them more enchanting and irresistible but, little do they know that this concept of "beauty" is the key to the doors of hell--hell that is maybe similar to the beliefs of the Christians and also to the hell that can be found on Earth.

But, whatever negative things are being linked to a woman's name, she's still the "Eve" who's loved by Adam and gave birth to the entire human race. She still the "Helen" who has a face that launched a thousand ships who caused the battle between King Menelaus and Prince Paris and the "Cleopatra" who enchanted Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. She still the girl next door that a boy dreams about each night. She's the beauty queen that every grown man wants to pursue. And if vanity is a sin, just like what Ecclesiastes says, every woman in this planet is guilty as charged.


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