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If Wishes Were Candy

Updated on December 15, 2009


If Wishes Were Candy.  >O<  >O<

If wishes were candy
cavities would be epidemic
I would be toothless
and gumming away on some more.

If one could be in two places
at the same time this poem
would not be written yet .

Obligation is a glue
it holds together
all who would flee,
it binds them to what is needed
deadlines mark the seals.

The familiar is a comfort
the unknown a blind spot
on a tiny path to what if.

Distance is a great barrier
time is the ticket to cross it
but life demands its dues
time slips by as we travel
the same circles daily
meeting life's neccesities .

So we create electronic stationary
and it is anything but stationary
it zips in an instant to distant ones
and brings them chee.

Poems are an extension of dreams
they are visions brought to life
they mirror the perfect
or imperfect world
they tend to make things bigger
and brighter and better
and they are revered for that.

poets are people

who see things
from all directions
but choose often to write
from a narrow perspective
ahh..but when they paint
the broader picture
they capture imagination
and then free it in words....
pretty pictures in letters
to make up for what they can't have
or what they wish they could
and in the rare instance when
they are granted a wish
that comes as easy as
candy sometimes they don't
unwrap it for fear of spoiling the
lovely paper that is binding it.

Stationary can be moved electronically
poets can be moved by words
but realism is often a damper
on how far they can go
if wishes were candy
dentures would be

the latest style.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MFB III

Author notes


just some scattered thoughts

on reality versus dreams....

hope versus habit

and escape versus cosequences.

poet's are often in other worlds

 and bring back moving tales of the magic.....


but the human side is grounded by commitments

to the world around them....

and thus  they remain grounded


except when the sentences

are released and they can fly.

What did you think


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