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If Wishes Were Horses, This Grandma Would Ride!

Updated on May 5, 2021

If wishes were horses

This Grandma would ride.

I'd choose such a fine horse

And I'd name him Sir Clyde.

I'd jump onto Clyde's back

Sending home a blown kiss.

“Let's fly to my grand kids!

They are who I miss.”

If wishes were horses

And Clyde was my ride

Away he would take me

Across Maui's sky.

Beneath millions of stars,

Through rainstorms, o'er sea,

Through warm-blowing trade winds

Clyde would safely take me.


Then Across California

Then across California

To desert's dry heat –

Arizona calls me

To my grand kids so sweet.

With permission from Alan Wilson and Mrs. Wilson of Nature's Pics.
With permission from Alan Wilson and Mrs. Wilson of Nature's Pics.

At dawn's light we'd be there....

If wishes were horses

And Clyde was my ride

At dawn's light we'd be there

At your house, yes, outside.

Grackle birds fluttering

In the hot sunlight

Would watch me dismounting.

What a disheveled sight!

I would then toss small pebbles

Against panes of glass.

Sleepy faces look out

With surprise, love and sass.

If wishes were horses

And Clyde was my ride,

You would each come running

Wearing PJ's outside.

I would hug each of you

And you would hug me.

Then I'd introduce Clyde

And he'd bow on one knee.

Soon your mom and your dad

Would emerge from their sleep

Exclaiming they're dreaming –

Such a good dream to keep.

Sir Clyde bows when introduced.


And just when I'd tell them

It's true, I am here,

We'd sense noise in the wind

We'd each hold open an ear.

Then Clyde's ears would perk up

Hearing Grandpa call

Through the wind from Maui,

“Dear, are you at the mall?”

Then Clyde's Ears Would Perk Up


I would shout back, “I'm not.

I'm here with the 'fam'.

I'm in Arizona.

Come as fast as you can.”

Conversing with 'Grandpa'

I'd say, “Do come quick!

Please choose a mighty horse

And ride lickety-split.”

Then you three loves and me

And your parents, too,

Would trot straight to Schnepf's Farm

And pet pets at their zoo.

Next we'd go bicycling,

Not Sir Clyde, just us.

We'd race down the sidewalks

And come back on the bus.

Then sweet grandson would say,

“It's Grumpa I hear.

Is Grumpa arriving?

Will he be of good cheer?”

Granddaughter's lively mind

Imagines horse hooves

Galloping toward us

With sleek horse-rider moves.

Our younger granddaughter,

So happy, so free,

As always, can hardly wait

To sit on Grand Dad's knee.

If wishes were horses

And Clyde was my ride,

Clyde would be wondering

How Grandpa will arrive.

Suddenly from the sky,

Galloping t'ward us –

A big Bulk of a Thing

And a yell and a fuss.

You kids would jump, laughing,

While Clyde, he wants loose!

For out of the sky

Comes this man on a moose!

The moose and dear Grandpa

Hit land with a THUD.

But Grandpa is smiling

As he climbs out of mud.

“May I have a hug, kids?

It was a hard ride.

This moose is quite bumpy –

Not smooth like Sir Clyde.”

I'd say sternly, “My dear,

Where is your Wish-Horse?”

“Wishes Schmishes,” he'd say.

“I couldn't find one, of course.”

Grandpa's Moose


Gramps jumps up as he shouts,

“But I'm a Canuck!

Born in Canada, eh –

And a moose brings me luck.”

“Can we keep the moose, Mom?”

Asks Elle in delight.

“Check with Dad,” her mom whispers.

“I hope Moose is all right.”

All together, we'd sit

On grass amid flowers,

All of you folks and us

Spending long precious hours.

We would talk and we'd play,

We would laugh and we'd sing,

We would dance us a jig --

We would do everything.

And I'd tell each of you

We wish we could stay

OR we wish our Wish-Horse

Could bring us back every day.

You know, your Grandpa's job

Is on the isle of Maui.

That puts a big dent

In our time with you three.

But we have something great.

I'll tell you: It's faith.

God is stronger than wishes.

And he will keep you safe.

He will show us, guide us,

In His own wise way,

When and how to live near you.

We must wait for that day.

And with that, we'd stand up.

I'd try not to cry.

We would hug each of you

As we say sweet good-bye.

If wishes were horses

We'd mount up our ride.

“You can bet we'll be back!

Take us home now, Sir Clyde.”


A Postscript about this Poem.

I have the illustrations for each verse in my head. If I could, I would spill them out for you to see.

I do think you will have enjoyed these amazing true-life photographs by Nature's Pics (used with permission) instead. But if I had come up with more talent myself and more hours in the day, I would have placed many whimsical drawn-and-colored illustrations to depict the events of this poem. For instance, when the grandchildren and I -- and my son-in-law and daughter -- are all racing down the sidewalks of San Tan Valley, Arizona on our bicycles, three beloved dogs racing after us -- that's a 'picture' I would have liked to have shared. Then we pile all the bikes on a bus, rope them on, some on the roof of the bus, some jutting out sideways, and we ride the bus homeward, little Jesse leading us in song by waving his hands enthusiastically like the mini-sized chorister leader I perceive him to be.

I love to exercise imagination. And I love to write on Hubpages.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

© 2013 Pamela Dapples


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