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If You Are Unemployed Become a Freelance Writer

Updated on February 3, 2016

It is true that the economy is discouraging for many. Families are truly struggling these days, with record numbers of people unemployed. Still others are employed but it is only part-time work or in unacceptable conditions. If you are unemployed and have good written communication skills, then you may want to become a Freelance Writer.

Write Every Day and Increase Your Word Count.

Writing becomes easier as you do more of it. When you are a new Freelance Writer, you may struggle to write even one article. Over time, you will be able to write a dozen and plan even more. Try writing poems, stream of consciousness writing and even your diary to keep up the flow of words. Try to develop and get into a writing rhythm and stay there.

Seek Inspiration.

Inspiration is what speeds a writer along yet it can be hard to come by. Each person is inspired differently. Perhaps beautiful music or an interesting movie make it easier for you to write. Many find attending an art gallery, museum or performance art can inspire them. Still others take a long walk to clear their mind so they can write more effectively.

Learn to Query Effectively.

Many new writers think the proper way to get published is by sending articles out to editors. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, sending unsolicited work is the mark of a rookie. Yes, some people have gotten lucky with it and it is better than doing nothing obviously. Learn to express your ideas in the form of query letters in order to see if the editors can use your article.

Marketing Strategy is as Essential to Freelance Writers as Writing Skill.

No matter how good your articles, essays or books are, you won't make a dime unless you manage to sell them. You will need a total plan of action to organize this selling effort. This plan of action for selling is called marketing. You must market very consistently to achieve a good income.

You can become a Freelance Writer and beat the defeat of unemployment. Be sure to write regularly and endeavor to write more words each day. A Freelance Writer looks for motivation everywhere and finds things to write about everywhere they go. Observe the proper form by writing professional query letters and understand the importance of marketing. Why not begin at once?

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