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If i had the chance

Updated on June 6, 2010

If i had the chance

 If i had the chance to choose again
If i had the chance to look again
If i had the chance to accept again
If i had the chance to search again
I will definitely choose ME

For there is more than just choosing that liberate the soul
And there is more to just looking that is content and happy
The inner depth behind the facade that count
The careful considerations of all involved in one
Ah! Yes i will do this for me, i will consider me first

For i am the one to receive
For i am the one to get the baggage and be damaged
For i am the one to surrender all
For i am the one on the soft and the hard side
Yes! i will definitely choose ME

I am not selfish to choose me
For selfishness is the self reliance that destroys the soul
I am not selfish to accept me
For acceptance liberates the human depth
Ah! yes i will choose me and accept me for me

I will choose me for my own happiness
I will choose me to be free in my own skin
I will accept me in my own skin
For in choosing and accepting me for me
My contentment and happiness knows no bound

And even though i know i am not perfect
Even though i know no man is an island
And the world evolves around me
I will give freely where i can
And i will establish me in all goodness

I may be weak on my own but in Him i am strong
I may be poor on my own yet in Him i am rich
I may be human and flailing i say in Him i stand
And even though it is all a riddle in the puzzle
Choosing me is easier to become the original me

In looking true self I found
In searching real self is discovered
In choosing me the journey begins
In accepting me, the original is cast
If i had the chance, i will choose me again


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