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If such existence, tangled truths, or feels (Sonnet)

Updated on May 5, 2014

If such existence, tangled truths, or feels

Peculiar turning, wrenching at my string

‘Tis sheer lucidity not, it is king

Of hype, as sense of wits on thy soled heels.

How doth ye live on penetrating meals,

Arrayed with daily dose of twinge to bring,

A dash of flutt’ring glee, not lingering

By chance, once more, thy down heart, slowly reels?

Thou speak of such, disgorge with names to bleed

Although unfeigned, behold beneath, wherefore

Perceives the ticker, not the temple’s heed.

Inane ‘tis passion, weakness, thy amour.

If faultless be, hence thou hast heaven’s need,

For trillion beats, travails prevail the more.


In other words, delusional sweetness.
In other words, delusional sweetness. | Source

This is my second sonnet: a Petrarchan one.

Here's my perspective on my sonnet:

This octave represents those typical, resentful, lovesick individuals, who, while openly loathing the thought of this common four-letter word, are unconsciously longing for it. In this octave’s perspective, love is the most overrated and irrational feeling that ever existed. It yanks at people’s hearts, making them “head over heels” insane in different degrees of intensity. The cynical poet wonders how in the world love can simultaneously be of unfathomable cruelty and short-lived happiness. He is confused as to how most individuals endure such pain, and take pleasure in it at the same time. Moreover, the poet believes that at the end of the day, the martyr lover always ends up in a depressed state, regardless of how hard he tries.

This sestet represents the content, most probably happily-in-love people answering back, saying that, yes, it is true that love is absurd in one way or the other. However, one must see beyond what the naked eye can. One must also be awakened to its existence in order to really comprehend, as love is recognized by the heart, not by the mind. Love may be one’s kryptonite, sending him to his knees with the sight of his “goddess”, but if this love be proved worthy enough, then one is in possession of the heavens. If one’s love succeeds the test of time, then one’s hardships have truly paid off.

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