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If the earth doesn't

Updated on October 6, 2011


If the earth doesn’t!

You live in the other part,

Of the earth.

My Darling.

We condemned, not to join our midnights


What have to do?

It’s very difficult to push

the continents.

Midnight and midday

Doesn’t go together.

I’m waiting the eclipse

Of the sun.

Is it worth to wait?

It seems me myself,

Just as that crazy man,

Who digs for the night

Middle on the day.

But not as mad,

As to dig for the day,

In the midnight.

What a puzzle is that?

What a meaningless crossword?

I try to solve the puzzle.

Am I fighting against

The God?

I don’t know,


It doesn’t matter!

I say,

This is not my fate.

And one night,

In a very night.

I heard the voice!

Don’t lose your midnights,

Don’t idle them away,

Don’t spend them vainly!


Let join together

All your midnights,

If you don’t feel sorry

For the earth.

The explosion will come.

Why to be so good hearted,

If the earth doesn’t.

Sadedin Limani


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